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Assurant Celebrates National ERG Day

Illustration of diverse group of people

At Assurant, we believe in the value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and its impact on making Assurant a stronger, more innovative company. While we've made great strides in building a diverse workforce, creating a more equitable and inclusive culture has never been more important. One way to foster an inclusive environment is to identify and nurture different perspectives across the workforce that enable a sense of belonging and community.

We have introduced Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as one way to cultivate these communities. ERGs help employees feel empowered to raise topics that are important to underrepresented groups. 

We’ve launched the following Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support these communities:

W@A aims to support women with their personal and professional growth by providing mentorship, leadership development, and sponsorship to drive empowerment and engagement.

"I enjoy being a member of the Women@Assurant ERG mostly because I feel part of a community. What an amazing thing, to be able to build connections with people who share common goals and values all across the globe. I love that the structure is there to help us be better and do better in an environment where we can feel safe and be true to our authentic selves."

Sara Belanger
Account Executive
Women@Assurant Volunteer Committee


V@A aims to create a community to support and serve our veterans through recruitment and retention efforts, professional growth and networking opportunities, company veteran awareness and community engagement and outreach.

"In a short amount of time, we have really developed a sense of community and I could already see that the benefits of that with the activity on our teams channel. Assurant is a great place to work, as we all know, and the addition of the veterans ERG, along with other ERGs, provides a great avenue for employees to engage with others outside of their normal work area."

Rich Gallagher
Sr. Finance Director
Veterans@Assurant Treasurer


*Launching December 2022
M@A focuses on underrepresented minorities and allies. Our goal is to offer a forum for minorities to connect while fostering inclusion.

“Mosaic represents an opportunity to display Assurant’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In addition to creating a tangible network and support group for members of underrepresented groups, this ERG specifically allows the company to understand the group’s needs and experiences (positive or negative) as valued team members. It also allows for discovery, conversation, and solutions, which in turn provides an ROI for the company in the form of a more effective and collaborative workforce. I look forward to the initial outreach to understand the experiences shared by those that join Mosaic.”

David Vaughn
Director, Supplier Diversity & Inclusion
Mosaic@Assurant Co-Chair


As we continue creating a stronger, more inclusive workplace for all, we want to thank our ERG leaders, ERG members and partners around for driving innovative change and inclusion at Assurant.

Happy National ERG Day! 




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