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Strength in Numbers: Meet Some Assurant In-Store Employees

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There is truth to the saying, “there’s strength in numbers,” especially when teams come together to achieve a singular goal. In 2021, Assurant teamed up with T-Mobile to provide in-store repair locations across the country. Not only does this represent Assurant’s mindset to deliver on critical, unique opportunities, but it also brought on immense new talent over this year.

At the beginning of 2021, Assurant’s global employee footprint was around 14,100. After focusing on hiring to scale our business to support best-in-class in-store mobile repair programs, we’re closing the year with over 15,500 employees. This would never have been accomplished without Assurant teams coming together to focus on talent, recruitment, onboarding, training, supply chain operations, technology, legal, finance, procurement – and so many other teams to demonstrate their ability to collaborate and deliver as one, true enterprise.

Join us in celebrating many of our employees in the front lines of the in-store repair locations making a difference for so many clients – and often, in record time!

Meet Kyle, Ruben, Joe and Dante:


Kyle B., T-Mobile Cell Phone Repair Technician

I joined Assurant as a Field Repair Technician in October of 2021. Prior to joining the team, I spent the last 5 and a half years working for an insurance company fulfilling a variety of duties such as customer service, knowledge management, communications and change management. After being laid off due to COVID-19, I saw the Field Repair Technician opportunity online and decided to give it a try even though I had no professional repair experience. I have previously worked on electronics and major retailers, and, like a lot of people, I've done some small repairs on tech around the house but nothing close to the detail that is involved with a cell phone repair.

The process of becoming a Repair Technician involves a great deal of learning on an expedited schedule. The first two weeks of training were completed from home and involved us taking courses on every iPhone model back to the iPhone 5. We learned the basics of troubleshooting both Android and iPhone issues. Our third week was spent at one of the training locations - I went to Chicago, IL for 5 days. In that time, we were given hands-on learning where we were taught how to actually take the phones apart. Like everyone around me, I was definitely nervous about taking these phones apart, but it was not as hard as I thought it would be. We were empowered with step-by-step guides and all of the tools to properly open and fix these devices. 

Our first day in our store was November 1st. We went from having an empty room in a T-Mobile store to a fully stocked electronics workshop. As I was part of the inaugural team at this store, I was able to contribute to setting up equipment, computer and tools as well as creating user accounts, calibrating repair equipment and setting up printers.

On a daily basis, we work in tandem with the T-Mobile staff to schedule appointments and assist them with basic troubleshooting. For each appointment, we run pre- and post-repair diagnostics, helping us ensure that we are returning the phones in working order. It has been quite the experience so far! We learn new things and are challenged every day, and I can’t wait to continue contributing to the success of our store!


Ruben C., T-Mobile Lead Cell Phone Repair Technician

I began working in the cell phone repair field in 2003, and I am so excited to use my experience to train our technicians to become the best representation of the Assurant brand in my current position as Lead Cell Phone Repair Technician. I found my way to Assurant after working for another cell phone repair company for 17 years. When given the option to accept this role, I decided to join Assurant because I can use my experience to help jumpstart and really make an impact on the T-Mobile service and repair partnership.

As a Lead Cell Phone Repair Technician, I take on a variety of responsibilities, including team scheduling, repair trainings, inventory, client management and everything that is customer service. My team thrives by using everyone's strengths to make us a complete unit, helping us to achieve our team and client goals of delivering the best experience for our customers. We also work closely with T-Mobile associates to come up with the best options for our customers. 

A typical day for the team starts with setting expectations by outlining the repairs for the day on the board and setting up for the incoming appointments. We will repair a device in an hour and contact the customer the next day to ensure they are satisfied and to answer any questions they might have. Throughout the day, we also take phone calls and handle in-person customer interactions.

The team works cohesively and focuses on using face-to-face communication to address any issues or important communications. I am proud that my team uses time wisely when working together to find improvements in our processes as we all work to make enhancements for our customers.

All of the Assurant employees in our store were given paid training to become Apple iOS and WISE Android certified, which shows the company’s dedication to its employees. My objective is to continue treating my team as the leaders they are and elevating the Cell Phone Repair Techs on my team to become Leads and to eventually become a District Manager myself. I look forward to a long and fruitful career with Assurant and am so excited for the future of my Assurant "Mountain Tech Team!”   


Giovanna R., District Manager 

One of the reasons I came to this organization, which has been evident in my short tenure here, is that Assurant is a company that leads with integrity and honesty and empowers its leaders in a way I've always aspired to be.

As a District Manager for the Chicagoland area, my role consists of coaching and developing teams to be of value and service to our T-Mobile partners and customers. Our goal is to be able to give top notch solutions to our customer base during what can be a stressful time.

Assurant has provided me with the tools to utilize my experience and knowledge, and they have empowered me to assist my team in handling all the challenges they may face. Becoming Apple iOS and WISE Android certified has allowed me to lead with expertise and understanding of my staff's day to day processes.

I hope to be a district manager whose team feels as though they are not alone and that I am in the trenches with them. Trust and open communication are part of the culture I am fostering.


Joe G., District Manager

I’ve always been aware of the impact that technology has had in our lives, especially in the wireless service space. It’s about connections like people talking to their loved ones, having access to knowledge in our schools and people’s ability to call emergency services when in need. And with the pandemic, everything changed drastically, and wireless services became the thread that connected people to their personal needs and loved ones. My interest in the evolution of technology and understanding how our company can make a difference in so many lives set me up for success in my current role because it creates a passion for executing to best of my abilities. Every day is an opportunity to serve our customers and our partners and an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals.

Choosing to join Assurant’s cell phone repair team was easy. In previous roles as District Manager for other cell phone repair companies, I dealt with Assurant on the consumer side for years. I absolutely loved the product, customer service and the peace of mind that the company provided to its consumers and partners. Assurant’s track record and values also aligned strongly with my personal core values of delivering the best product, fostering a diverse workforce and building trust. Assurant also offers employee benefits, growth opportunities and employee development programs that are all extremely important for someone like me who wants to pursue a long career at the company.

As the District Manager for the South Texas Market, my role is to ensure that my team has all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their role and to maintain a strong partnership with our T-Mobile partners. In a typical day, I will start my morning preparing and ensuring that my team has the information and tools they need to be set up for success. I will visit stores throughout the day and meet with the T-Mobile store leadership to ensure that we are aligned and that we, as a team, are delivering on our promises to our customers and partners. I will continue to meet with my team face-to-face as much as possible, and we hold a virtual team meeting twice a week to make sure the team feels supported and updated and to outline our successes and opportunities for improvement.

I have been involved in the wireless industry since 1994, mostly in sales and operations. I feel that working in the tech side of the industry opens up so many opportunities to gain knowledge of devices, how they work and how we service them. In the future, I want to become a well-rounded District Director, and Assurant provides the tools to get me there. I utilize a variety of tools provided to me by the company, including online training and LinkedIn Learning. All these resources have helped improve my understanding of the industry and I feel better prepared for my role because of them. Soon, I will also be taking advantage of Assurant’s tuition reimbursement program to attend college classes and continue my course towards my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership.


Dante E., T-Mobile Interim District Manager

As someone with a passion for service and repair, optimizing procedures and helping a team grow, joining Assurant was an easy choice. I viewed joining the Assurant team as an opportunity to help elevate a new service and repair program while contributing to its overall growth and success.

As the Interim District Manager for the Houston NW district, a typical day for me usually includes a variety of tasks. I visit the stores in my district to help optimize procedures and repairs while also coaching the store leads and technicians to help them continue to grow in their roles and at Assurant. I also help our customers with any technical issues and help perform repairs when needed. Additionally, I ensure the teams in my district stay informed with any important information or updates and make sure to promote Assurant’s culture of excellence that drives us to deliver the best experience for our customers. All the aforementioned tasks and staying in constant contact with the teams through face-to-face conversations help me to also identify and address any challenges that might arise – this all contributes to reaching our goal of 100% preparedness.

Overall, my interest in tech and connected devices has set me up to succeed in my current role. I am able to work in an area that I love, but it also pushes me to seek knowledge and become an expert in my field to best help team members and customers. And Assurant has continued to empower my skills and growth through the provided learning, including the provided Apple iOS and WISE Android certifications we earned during training.

Working in technology has set me up for continued progress in all aspects of my life. I am passionate about service and repair, and this has helped me go above and beyond to grow on a professional and personal level. It has also propelled me into my career at Assurant where I can continue to help the company grow in all areas of service.


We are ecstatic to have added so many wonderful cell phone repair employees in 2021, and we look forward to welcoming more in 2022! Click here to learn more about T-Mobile cell phone repair opportunities at Assurant. 



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