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Associate Engineer

Mobile devices play an enormous role in our personal and professional lives.

Assurant has provided device protection plans for many years and acquired Fixt in 2020 with the goal of expanding the types of coverage they were able to offer customers.

We support a digital platform that provides scheduling, tracking, and communication services for come-to-you and in-store device repairs across the US.

As a junior engineer you are expected to have:

  • Exposure to one or more programming languages (e.g Python, Ruby, Javascript)
  • Exposure to some kind of web application framework (e.g Django, Rails, Flask, Sinatra)
  • Exposure to Git and the concept of version control systems
  • The ability to setup, troubleshoot, and manage your computing environment
  • A simple understanding of beginner web concepts
  • Big gaps in your technical knowledge
  • A desire to learn and grow professionally

You are NOT expected to be an expert! We were all juniors and we all once had to learn. We take great pride in onboarding junior devs and growing their skills into great careers here at Assurant or beyond.

This is a remote position.

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