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DevOps Engineer

We’re looking for passionate DevOps Engineers/Architects/Coaches who can help us transform by supporting the adoption by staff to modern and cloud native platforms, software configuration, automation tools/processes and standards. You will also be enabling our teams to adopt and support modern engineering practices and capabilities.

Our roles usually correspond to industry titles like the following:

  • DevOps Engineer (Senior/Lead/Principal)
  • Dojo Coach (Senior/Lead/Principal)
  • Application Developer (Senior/Lead/Principal)
  • Cloud Native Engineer (Senior/Lead/Principal)
  • Solutions Architect (Senior/Lead/Principal)

What You Do:

You may bring varying degrees of knowledge to the table. Depending on your role, you will likely have experience in several of these areas, but not necessarily all of them. This list is not comprehensive and there may be other equally valuable skills/experience you bring that are not listed here:

Application Development/SDLC/CI/CD:

  • Build systems such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitLab
  • Application Development and testing with C#, Java, .NET or Python
  • Using modern source control management systems (Git) and branching strategies

Infrastructure Automation/Cloud:

  • Developing, managing, and testing Infrastructure as Code with Terraform Enterprise, Ansible or Chef
  • Cloud native technologies
  • Observability through monitoring tools such as Application Insights, Azure Monitor or Dynatrace


  • Helping teams adopt modern technology and implement solutions that will enable business objectives
  • Guiding our teams to support full end to end automation of software delivery (CI/CD)
  • Training and mentoring teams to build solutions and smart developer behaviors (CI/CD/TDD/BDD)
  • Driving patterns and practices that will minimize future technical debt

Critical Thinking/ Involvement:

  • Solving complex, hands-on challenges and researching solutions when dealing with unknowns

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