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Full Stack Software Engineer (Node.js)

Assurant Labs is looking for a thoughtful, adaptive individual with a growth mindset to join our team as a Full Stack Software Engineer with a focus on Node.js development.

In this role, you will work closely with a small product team to deliver different types of content in the context of mobile and web applications. We have seen people thrive in this role from a variety of backgrounds, but we work mostly in Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Experience developing mobile applications is a strong plus, but not a requirement if you have worked with React or a similar JavaScript framework.

Responsibilities include solving problems independently and with peers, researching and experimenting with new technology and approaches, and building features that we measure for value to our users. Candidates must have strong communication skills, the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, sound judgment, and the ability to be productive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.


  • Build scalable, highly reliable product features
  • Work closely with client engineers to architect high-throughput systems
  • Design, implement, and maintain applications used by both mobile and web clients
  • Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Create and maintain documentation pertaining to code and engineering processes
  • Work in a collaborative environment by occasional pair and/or mob programming
  • Communicating with Engineering Managers and Product Owners to plan and prioritize work and design technical solutions
  • Work in a cadence of two-week sprints with daily stand-ups, team planning events, and bi-weekly retrospectives
  • Conduct design and code reviews
  • Grow subject matter expertise in programming and product domain knowledge

Technical Requirements:

  • 2+ years of experience as a software engineer
  • JavaScript/TypeScript experience
  • Node.js experience
  • Experience consuming and creating RESTful APIs
  • Experience with MySQL and relational database design
  • Solid understanding of the full development life cycle
  • Hands-on knowledge of a version control system such as Git
  • Non-Technical Requirements
  • A disciplined approach to development, testing, and quality assurance
  • A desire for a deep technical understanding of our systems and architecture
  • A continuous learning mindset that keeps you current on development best practices and trends
  • Effectively communicate technical designs and considerations to peers and product leadership
  • Ability to own tasks and resolve ambiguity in requirements
  • Reason with and adapt to evolving development tasks and priorities
  • Balance trade-offs between speed and quality based on business priorities


  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with testing frameworks, such as RSpec, Cucumber, or Jest
  • Experience with templating frameworks (e.g. Haml, ERb)
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Experience and familiarity with Cloud Architecture (such as AWS or Azure)
  • Experience with the Serverless framework for AWS Lambdas
  • Experience instrumenting applications with an analytics framework like Google Analytics or Mixpanel
  • Experience with React Native, Android, or iOS development
  • Willingness to participate in mentoring and skills transfer among team members

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