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Assurant Celebrates International Women's Day 2023

Celebrating Women And Their Allies (900 × 675 Px)

On March 8 of this year, Assurant joined the world in celebrating International Women's Day. Though we make it a goal to celebrate the incredible women of Assurant all year round, we were thrilled to use this day to officially recognize the contributions made across our company.

What made the occasion even more exciting was the opportunity to also commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Women@Assurant employee resource group's launch. With 1,369 active members across the globe, the group's women and allies are unified by a simple, but important, passion to advance women in the workplace and in the community.

For International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we invited our employees to share their stories over the month of March to showcase allyship in the workplace and how they #EmbraceEquity.


We have included some of those stories below:

Yadira R.-C., VP, Managing Attorney International Business Legal

My first allies: my dear brothers lifting me up!!!

Reflecting during Women’s History Month about gender equity makes me think about the allies I’ve had in the different roles I have played until now. Having posted in the past about my upbringing, I have mentioned that when I was little my parents were sort of traditional in terms of the roles expected from a girl. However, as life went by, my parents and my brothers embraced my fierce challenges to these expectations, becoming my first allies in life. Since then, many other allies have been present in my journey. Memory lane takes me to different roles: the little sister; the altar girl back in the 80’s when only altar boys were “acceptable”; the “sport billy”; the wife; the Mom; the professional on the "mommy track" juggling work and travel commitments. Undoubtedly, in all these roles my allies have played a huge part in my life and on what I have been able to accomplish. They have advocated for me every step of the way. Most importantly, they have opened the space for me to be present at the table, to lead and contribute. And when that space has not been clearly open, they have shown their respect when I push to create a space at that table for me and for other women. Be an ally and embrace equity!#AssurantProud#internationalwomensday#womenshistorymonth


Jean Carlos R., Senior Analytics Product Manager

Happy #internationalwomensday! May you continue to #breakthebias and fight for what you believe to be true. May you all continue to lead and shape the path for #futuregenerations. I am a proud husband and #girldad who hopes for a world in which my little ones will not have to face the adversities many have had to endure in their past.
#assurantproud #internationalwomensday #futuregenerations


Melissa H., Senior Vice President

Today we embrace gender equity for International Women’s Day. This is a good time for each of us to reflect on what we have done to provide #women from all different circumstances with the unique resources and opportunities necessary to reach their goals. I was honored to share stories with #WomenAtAssurant about calling out inequities when we see them and striving to make that small change in equity that can meaningfully change someone’s career journey. #embraceequity #assurantproud


Francesca L., Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

As I think about Women’s History Month, I can’t help but remember Sir Isaac Newton’s quote, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – and I am instantly transported back to childhood, where I was up on my father’s shoulders seeing the world from a whole new perspective. My father was a ‘giant’ in both my professional and personal life. He made me feel empowered and emboldened to rise to the highest heights in my life and navigate the lows.

Though my father has passed, I still think about the notion of standing on the shoulders of giants and how analogous it is for me to allyship among women today. We need not only to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow women at work, but we also need to metaphorically stand on the shoulders of women who are giants in big and small ways in the workforce. Through mentoring, advocacy and encouragement, we can and should hold each other up every day.

Admittedly, it is as hard today as it’s ever been to be successful as a working woman or mom. But we need to find ways to seek out those you consider “giants” in your life and seek to stand on their shoulders – or better yet, let’s find ways we can hold each other up.
#womenempoweringwomen #womenshistorymonth #assurantproud #WomenAtAssurant


Lauren S., Customer Experience Analyst

March 8th is International Women's Day celebrating the success and achievements of women across the globe.

"Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

This is my niece, climbing a rock wall.. in a tutu. She doesn’t know she isn’t “supposed” to, and I will not be the one to tell her. Instead before the world has a chance to tell her all the things she should or shouldn’t be/do, I will tell her.

-You are brave and strong and capable.
-You are not bossy, you have leadership skills.
-Know your worth.
-Speak up even if your voice shakes. You are you are NOT too loud, too opinionated, or too ambitious.
-If you want a seat at the table, go get it.
-Be passionate and true to yourself in all you do. 
-Do not let fear stop you from doing anything in your life
-Live the life you want to live, not the life you think that you are expected to live

#iwd2023 #IWD #Assurantproud
#LifeatAssurant #womenempowerment
#internationalwomensday2023 #internationalwomensday


Christine C., Associate Learning Specialist

Each year on IWD I take a moment to reflect on the person I’ve become and the immense support from Allies that led me here:

I was the first- I was the first person (male or female) in my family to attend a college or university. My father was and continues to be a huge supporter of education and growth.

I broke the trend- For generations, woman in my family had not surpassed the age of 21 without having children. Once they had children, if they went into the workforce, it was a part-time minimum wage role. At 21, I had already graduated from two college programs and working on my BBA.

I had support- At 24 my son was born. My husband split the parental leave time with me, allowing me to follow my career journey and pursue a timely opportunity. There was no expectation that I needed to stay home, there was no conversation about how something was sure to come up in the future. The conversation was simply ‘how can he support making this happen?’.

I shined in rough times- At the age of 27 I entered a male dominated field as an HR Director and encountered more roadblocks, disappointments, and challenges from co-workers then I had ever seen before. Luckily, another ally emerged and fought to showcase my value, give me a seat at the table and advocate for the change in perspective I could provide.

I found my place- At 29 I started with Assurant. Here I met the most fierce and strong women that have become mentors and allies to my growth.

I am grateful- I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the ally ship in all it’s different forms throughout my life. Thank you!! #AssurantProud
#EmbraceEquity #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenAtAssurant


Catherine B., Director, Digital Content Marketing & Strategy

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” ― Serena Williams 🎾

Reflecting on the intention to #embraceequity for #internationalwomensday, Serena’s sentiment came to mind. Do we absolutely need male allyship to foster stronger equity to the workforce? 10000%. But what’s driven me to be a better, stronger woman, mother, friend and career person? It is those female colleagues and mentors who’ve authenically cheered me on. By doing so, it creates a culture of belonging and empowerment, therefore inspiring me to turn my focus on how to invite others to have a seat at our collective table. 🪑

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: female empowerment is my jam.

Furthermore, it is the honor of a lifetime to help kindle and spread the fire that burns so unapologetically bright 🔥 within my nearly five-year-old daughter. She’s going somewhere and I will be there to cheer her on throughout her journey of life.

Happy women’s history month, all. Let’s keep this energy to collectively cheer each other on.

#womenatassurant #assurantproud #femaleempowerment


Emily L., Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director

Happy Women’s History Month! It was wonderful to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday with my amazing colleagues. We all shared how we've promoted Gender Equity & demonstrated Alllyship in our careers. My personal and professional journey has taught me the power of advocacy to help advance Women and girls – whether as a pro bono attorney, career advisor, MBA recruiting consultant, DEI practitioner, or as a working Mom.  We all have a role to play, and there's always an opportunity to continue learning.

#AssurantProud of our Women’s ERG for fostering an environment where we can have honest dialogue about what it takes to promote Gender Equity.



We are so proud to have employees, from the front lines through leadership, who set examples for other women and allies. If you'd like to join us in celebrating these stories across social media, make sure to use #WomenAtAssurant and #AssurantProud. 

For more information about Assurant's DE&I, Employee Resource Groups, and more, visit our Diversity page.



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