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Como é trabalhar na Assurant, direto da fonte

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Estamos reunindo equipes extraordinárias compostas por uma variedade de raças, religiões, orientações sexuais, identidades de gênero, idades, experiências e habilidades, visando nos ajudar a refletir melhor as comunidades globais onde vivemos e trabalhamos. Com mais de 14.000 funcionários em 21 países ao redor do mundo, temos muitas vozes diferentes para compartilhar. Aqui estão apenas algumas.

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6 Things to NOT Do During Your Next Interview

Sr. Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Brandi Satturlund identifies common mistakes people make during job interviews and offers some great tips to remember to help make your next interview a big success.

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Ask a Recruiter: Tips for Job Search Success

Christopher Robinson offers suggestions to not only ensure you match with the right employer, but he also shares tips to showcase your skills and experience to land your dream job.

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The Best Job Ever

While everywhere I’ve worked has had some unique virtues, Assurant stands out because it’s a kind, principle-driven company you can be proud to work for.

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Building a Professional Brand

Accurately representing yourself as a unique job candidate is just as challenging as it is important throughout the process. You bring something to the table that no one else does, and it's important to hone in on what sets you apart.

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Why I Decided to Join the Assurant Team

Taking a new role can be stressful and scary, especially during a pandemic! But Assurant gives candidates many reasons to consider joining the team.