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Together, we’re supporting, connecting, and inspiring our clients, customers, colleagues, and communities.

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20 open roles

Technology is endlessly evolving. Today, we’re helping consumers connect and protect mobile devices, smart technology in homes and connected cars, and more.

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47 open roles

Assurant claims experts use a combination of artificial and human intelligence to initiate, process, and resolve claims quickly and accurately.

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Customer Service

16 open roles

Customer service is provided in all types of ways, from face-to-face interactions and phone conversations to online chat and email communication.

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22 open roles

As Assurant continues expanding through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and exploring new geographies, we’re adding to an energetic finance team that’s supporting our global business and customers.

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2 open roles

When it’s necessary, Assurant collections professionals and recovery agents provide compassionate and proactive solutions to consumers. 

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Electronics and Repair

13 open roles

In today’s connected world, mobile devices are a critical piece of our lives. They connect us to almost every other piece of smart technology in our homes and cars, and they act as day-to-day communication systems for work, social networking, and information sharing.