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Our Employees Are On the Move

We're celebrating team members who have taken new roles at Assurant

Assurant employee smiling at office desk with shirt that reads "I'm Back by Popular Demand"

You Can Thrive Here

Assurant believes that attracting and retaining motivated, productive, and engaged employees is dependent upon individuals working in jobs that are well suited to their interests and skills. We also strongly believe in the development of our employees through formal training, as well as through positions and on-the-job assignments.

We encourage employees to learn about, consider, and apply for other positions within Assurant and are always excited to see our team member grow within their careers here! 

Assurant Employee: Heidi Huennerkopf

“After over 18 years with Assurant in a processing specialist role, primarily focusing on lender placed and flood compliance, in December of 2022 I was gifted the opportunity to truly utilize my skills and experience by being able to transition into a Team Lead role with Flood Compliance Operations. The decision to be open for growth came easily for me, mostly due to the constant support and encouragement of the management and teams I have had the pleasure of working with at Assurant since being a new hire in March 2004 all the way to current day in my current role.”

Heidi Huennerkopf
Flood Processing Team Lead
Assurant Employee: Charlotte Mcclellan

“I’ve been with Assurant for over 18 years. I’ve been fortunate during my tenure to work with several amazing teams. I started my journey as a Hazard Insurance Processor before moving to Loss Drafts. While in Loss Drafts, I transitioned from specialist to Team Lead to Unit Manager. I later moved to Client Services where I was a Client Services Relations Manager, Sr. Client Services Relations Manager and finally an Operations Manager. Most recently, I accepted the position of Operations Business Process Manager. I am excited to continue to play a part in the future of Assurant!”

Charlotte McClellan
Operations Business Process Manager
Assurant Employee: Matt Johnson

“After almost five years in the call center where I grew into a Supervisor position, I decided I would like to expand my skillset and experience and try something new. I was made aware of an opening on the UAT team who would benefit from my knowledge and experience with the Client Services and Claims customer service departments but would be something completely different than anything I had done professionally before. I am so grateful for being part of the Assurant family for this opportunity to try something new, but still being very familiar with the Assurant culture, goals, and values.”

Matt Johnson
Product Testing Analyst
Assurant Employee: Karla Cornwell

“My experience at Assurant has been one of growth, collaboration, and opportunity. I started with Assurant in 2012 in a paralegal role and with Assurant’s support was able to attend law school at night and became an attorney at Assurant in 2020. Recently, I transitioned from the Government Affairs team as Legislative Counsel into a new role on the Global Housing Legal team as Business Unit Attorney. The relationships and skill sets developed from my different roles over time have served as a strong foundation and have helped me exemplify the Assurant Way.”

Karla Cornwell
Associate Counsel
Assurant Employee: Brian Patterson

“I’ve been at Assurant for 10 years, and I took on my new role to advance my career while providing value to the business. I enjoy that my new role is more technical, and I enjoy helping others and finding solutions to better the company.”

Brian Patterson
Senior Claims Specialist
Assurant Employee: Maire Conway

“My new position as an Executive Response Specialist with Global Lifestyles has allowed me to move into a new side of business with Assurant. I have been with this company for 17 years and have spent that time exploring various positions with Property Claims in the Hazard Insurance Processing Center. Over the years my determination and drive to grow my career within Assurant has led me here and I could not be happier to be a part of a small team that works to resolve issues that occur. I am excited to see how my work in this new position helps to mold my career.”

Maire Conway
Executive Response Specialist
Assurant Employee: Laura George

“This was a very challenging decision for me to consider changing roles. I loved many aspects of my role at that time, including the support from my senior leaders, as well as the people I worked with daily, and the functions I performed. I took a chance and applied [for a new role] and I am very happy with the end result. I love my new group that I work with and I love the work I perform on a daily basis which I believe is very impactful to others.”

Laura George
Lead Process Improvement Analyst
Assurant Employee: Mandy Ross

“I moved to my new role in Operations from Quality Assurance because I wanted to make a greater impact for our employees, customers, and clients. ”

Mandy Ross
Claims Ops Manager
Assurant Employee: Cassi Chapman

“I decided to take a new role as a Customer Care Unit Manager at Assurant because I was ready for the next step in my career. I have been at Assurant for 6 and a half years and have learned a lot surrounding people leading with being a Customer Care Team Lead the last 4 years. I love leading people to hit our performance numbers each month. I love being able to provide my team members with the tools and resources to better themselves as employees all while making sure we perform at the highest level of customer service. I’m glad I made the decision to accept this new role.”

Cassi Chapman
Customer Care Unit Manager II
Assurant Employee: Yashira Salcedo

“I wanted to explore other areas within Assurant. I love the company so I knew I wanted to stay but I wanted to expand my knowledge from the Accounting into the Finance side. ”

Yashira Salcedo
Sr Financial Analyst

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