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Assurant Named One of America's Most JUST Companies

Assurant Blog Header Image: Just 100

We're proud to share that Assurant was named one of America’s Most JUST Companies, in recognition of our commitment to serving our workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders.

JUST Capital, along with CNBC, recently released its annual JUST 100 list as part of its 2024 Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies. The Rankings measure how the nation’s largest corporations are performing on the business issues that matter most to Americans. The issues – which include paying a fair, living wage; supporting workforce retention, advancement, and training; offering valuable products and services while protecting customer privacy; use of sustainable materials, and more – are defined annually by an extensive nationwide polling process conducted on a fully representative basis. The top 100 companies – the JUST 100 – are determined by scoring performance across the full range of criteria and comparing companies head-to-head.

“Being recognized by JUST Capital as one of America’s Most JUST Companies demonstrates our commitment to serve our customers with passion and purpose, strengthen the communities where we live and work, and invest in reducing our impact on the environment while helping our client partners to do the same,” said Assurant President and CEO Keith Demmings. “Our success is grounded in our values and commitments to building a more sustainable business for all stakeholders.”

Compared to their Russell 1000 peers, companies in the JUST 100 on average: 

  • Pay 11.8 percentage points more of their workers a family sustaining living wage (78.3%). 

  • Provide 7.2 more hours of career development training per employee. 

  • Offer 2 more weeks of paid parental leave for both primary caregivers and secondary caregivers.  

  • Intake 99% less water per revenue dollar. 

  • Emit 42% less metric tons of CO2 per revenue dollar. 

  • Use 29.6 percentage points more renewable energy as a proportion of their total energy use. 

  • Have a 4% higher profit margin, 2.9% higher return on equity, and 1.2% higher dividend yield. 

“American capitalism has to work for more Americans. For this to happen, the private sector, and especially big corporations, must take the lead in creating value for all their stakeholders,” said JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker. “That’s exactly what the JUST 100 are doing. They show that just business is better business.”

More information about Assurant’s commitment to building a more sustainable business for all stakeholders can be found in our 2023 Sustainability Report.




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