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What I Wish I Knew Before the Assurant Interview Process

Assurant Blog Employee Feature Headshot: Fiona DesenbergFiona Desenberg

Assurant Blog Header Image: What I Wish I Knew Before the Assurant Interview Process

Being a millennial requires a different approach to growing your career than, say, our parents or grandparents had to take. Prior to working for Assurant, to make any upward movement in my position, I had to find another job. So, in the last 12 years of working in the marketing industry, I have had many interviews and have learned a lot from the different companies, hiring managers and interview formats. I have had them all: great interviews where I immediately felt like I hit the nail on the head and landed the job and others where I was left confused and honestly with a sour taste in my mouth about the company. 

I am happy to report that my interview and onboarding process at Assurant was one of the smoothest I've experienced, and that is saying a lot as the final stages of my hiring and onboarding was done during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone started working virtually. Because of the timing, the entire process did take some time, but it meant that it never felt rushed, and it allowed me the opportunity to speak with four different members of my team and the recruiter that I was working with. All of my questions had been answered, and I felt that I had all the knowledge needed to make a sound decision to accept the position when it was offered to me.

One of my biggest concerns about applying for my current position was that I did not feel as if I was fully qualified for it. Then I remembered reading an article that women are likely to only apply for a position when they can check off every requirement on a job posting, while men will apply if they only hit roughly 60% of the requirements. I took a risk and applied for a position that would be challenging, but I knew I could take it on and that I could speak to my applicable experience when interviewing. And Assurant took the time to thoroughly understand my background and qualifications.

We all know interviewing for a new job can be exhausting, mentally draining and sometimes even defeating. Give yourself grace, and remember that you can grow and learn from any challenging interviews you experience!

Over the years, I have learned some tips and tricks that proved valuable in my interview process with Assurant: 

  • If the interview process includes the opportunity to meet with a panel or several members of your team, don't get overwhelmed - take advantage of it! Come prepared with a variety of questions that will help you get different viewpoints of the job requirements and the culture.
  • Send a thank you email and follow up with the question of what to expect next. If you don't hear back immediately, don't lose hope. Send a follow up email and put your name back at the top of the recruiter’s or hiring managers’ inbox.  
  • Take time to think before you answer questions. Interview questions can be challenging, and your interviewer doesn't expect you to have the perfect answer immediately. Take a second, think about it, then respond. If it is a question you don't have an answer to, be honest and ask for the opportunity to explain how you might handle that situation if you were up against it today. 
  • When looking for positions to apply for, don't rule out ones that you're not 100% qualified for on paper. Make sure you are leaving room for professional growth and challenges. Believe in yourself and make sure your resume is tailored to demonstrate how your experience makes you a fit for the role, even if it isn’t exact.

Overall, before interviewing at Assurant, I wish I had known that the people and atmosphere would be so welcoming. Though being nervous is natural and a great catalyst to make sure you’re prepared for an interview, you’ll feel like part of the family from your first conversation!

Assurant Blog Employee Feature Headshot: Fiona Desenberg

Written by

Fiona Desenberg

Demand Generation Manager

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