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Assurant’s Commitment to Mental Health Awareness and Breaking the Stigma

Assurant Blog Header Image: Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone reading this that a 2022 Gallup poll* reported stress among the world’s workers reached an all-time high with more than 40% of employees stating that they experienced a significant amount of stress or worry throughout their previous day.  

Worry and anxiety – very real challenges to our emotional wellbeing - can interfere with our overall health and our feelings of contentment and success at work and in our personal lives, and they can strike any of us at any time.  

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, shining a light on these challenges and pointing people toward helpful resources. At Assurant, we will commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week May 15-21 with a series of online events, activities, and resources to help employees better manage stress and anxiety, and achieve greater balance through tools to support their mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

This year, we are looking at anxiety – how it can affect us, what external factors can trigger this strong response, and what we can do to support our peers. We know it’s important to create and foster an environment for open dialogue about mental health to break the stigma and ensure employees feel safe and supported in their professional and personal lives. 

Though we use the month of May to remind our employees of the resources available to them, our commitment to employee wellbeing is constant. Our purpose, “helping people thrive in a connected world,” includes how we help employees thrive by supporting growth and development, and by continuing to focus on their physical, emotional, financial, and social wellbeing.  

With that in mind, Assurant provides an array of wellbeing programs that support our employees around the globe, both in their professional and personal lives. While specific benefits may vary by region or country, the following mental health and wellbeing benefits are available:  

  • Free and confidential Global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) including mental health, financial, and legal services for employees and their families  
  • Free access to Headspace, a mindfulness app for managing stress and finding balance  
  • Assurant wellbeing programs/resources to help employees make positive lifestyle changes  
  • Paid holidays, as well as ongoing flexible work-from-home and hybrid options  
  • Other family-friendly support benefits, including paid parental leave, fertility benefits, adoption services and more, which vary by region 

Through the Assurant Foundation, our employees may also choose to donate to mental health organizations, and we will match their donation dollar-for-dollar.  

Together with our employees, we are working to normalize conversations about and seeking treatment and support for mental health and prioritizing mental wellbeing. For more information about our U.S. benefits, visit   


* Data drawn from the annual State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report by Gallup. 




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