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The Importance of Continuing Education in Today's Job Market

Assurant Blog Employee Feature Headshot: Josh SvecJoshua Svec

Assurant Blog Header Image: The Importance of Continuing Education in Today's Job Market

There are many ways for adults to continue their education while working full-time. Today, continuing your education with different courses and programs offered online and offline is easier than ever. Many companies offer elective courses that one can sign up for using their internal Learning Management System. Some companies even partner with organizations like LinkedIn to offer skill and knowledge-specific courses. Colleges across the country are offering more flexible options by providing programs that focus on working adults.

Continuing education is important for everyone, whether it’s for personal or professional development. In today’s rapidly changing environment, we must stay up to date on the latest technologies and processes. One may choose to continue their education to sharpen their knowledge in their current role or look ahead to their future career endeavors.

As a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I am often discussing education with candidates. Top candidates can speak of ways in which they’ve supported their career growth through continued education. Candidates are looking for organizations that support their personal and professional development, and they often weigh this benefit when making decisions on multiple offers they receive.

Candidates are prioritizing Continued Education to:

Strengthen their skills and knowledge in their current role
Employees can apply the skills learned to their current roles by attending elective courses or pursuing degrees.

Prepare for promotion
Employees can set themselves apart by focusing on courses that help them prepare for the next steps of their careers. Many will find that it’s easier to transition into a new role when equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Increase salary
Companies often recognize the value of certificates and degrees. Once obtained, employees may be able to work with their internal partners on a salary increase to recognize their educational efforts.

Change careers
Employees can have more control to pivot their careers with education choices. Companies often look at internal candidates with priority. If an employee wants to work in different areas of an organization, they can focus their education on courses and programs that equip them with skills needed for those roles.

Develop themselves personally
While professional development is important in continued education, personal development is just as important. Education helps us learn a lot about ourselves. In many cases, we also get the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and develop our interpersonal skills.

With so many options for continued education, it’s essential to focus on personal and professional development. Continuing education allows employees to have more control of their career trajectory, either as an internal employee or as a candidate for a new organization.

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Assurant Blog Employee Feature Headshot: Josh Svec

Written by

Joshua Svec

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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