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Inside Assurant’s 4-Part Onboarding Process

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I joined Assurant over 18 months ago as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, working remotely from Milwaukee, WI. In my position, I partner with leaders from Assurant’s automotive division to recruit, hire, and onboard new employees who fulfill a variety of roles within the team. I also work closely with my talent acquisition colleagues to improve our hiring processes and give candidates the best possible onboarding experience.

It’s no secret that starting a new job can be both a happy and an anxious period in our careers. At Assurant, we want to do everything we can to alleviate that anxiety — and that starts with knowing what to expect after you sign your offer letter.


What to Expect After Accepting a Job Offer at Assurant

The Standard Stuff: Background and Drug Test Screenings

You’ll be emailed forms to complete both your background and drug test screenings. A member of our talent acquisition team will discuss what to expect and the timeline for your screenings. In most cases, the background screening is completed entirely online. We’ll ask you for some information about yourself, you provide that information through a secure online portal, and we’ll process your background check accordingly.

The drug test is different in that we’ll provide you with a list of our testing partners and you’ll need to schedule an in-person appointment with one of them. To make it easier for you, we partner with many medical labs throughout the United States to provide you with multiple locations to choose from. The medical lab you visit will then provide your results directly to Assurant without you needing to do anything else.

Warming Up to Day One: Pre-Hire Information

Throughout your onboarding, you’ll receive emails requesting information Assurant will need to get you into our internal systems. This information will be used to complete the tasks below.

  • Set up direct deposit or select alternate payment methods, and ensure you’re integrated into our payroll system.
  • Prepare your equipment, like your laptop and/or computer station, headsets, and phone. If you’re working remotely, your new manager or Talent Acquisition partner will reach out to confirm your shipping address and cover what equipment you can expect.
  • Set up your employee profile in Workday.
  • Create your Assurant email address to help you communicate with other team members and clients.

Your Talent Acquisition partner is available throughout this stage to answer questions or help you complete the pre-hire tasks.

What’s In It For You: Benefits Enrollment and Our Total Benefits Package

At Assurant, you can join our health, dental, and vision plans on day one. Prior to starting, you may want to review our benefits at to determine which benefits you want to enroll in. I always recommend that new hires set aside some time to look through our New Hire Guide to benefits and use our Health Plan Cost Estimator to choose the plan that best matches their needs.

In addition to your physical well-being, Assurant’s total benefits package includes access to emotional, financial, and social well-being resources to help you live well. On day one, you’ll have access to tools like:

  • Free counseling and support services, support therapy through LiveHealth Online, stress and anxiety support, and more
  • Our company match program through your 401(k) to secure your financial future
  • Discounts on employee products
  • Adoption and surrogacy support, and legal support resources exclusive to our employees
  • Invitations to join our employee resource groups for Women@Assurant, Veterans@Assurant, PRIDE@Assurant, and Mosaic@Assurant
  • And more

Our teams continually evolve our total benefits package to reinforce our commitment to helping our employees live well.

Preparing for the Future: The Welcome Call

Oftentimes, a member of management or your new team will reach out to formally introduce themselves before your first day. Some of the team does this over email; others prefer a quick call or even a text. Feel free to take this time to ask any questions or get clarification on first-day expectations, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your new team if you need any support.

Once everything is completed, your talent acquisition partner will reach out to confirm your start day details, like the exact day and time of your first shift and when to expect your equipment. If I could give every new employee one piece of advice at this stage of the process, it would be this: Ask a million questions. We pay a lot of attention to hiring the right people and building a culture of support and teamwork. Your teammates will be happy to answer any questions you have, and they’ll be as invested in your success as your talent acquisition partner is.  

If you're interested in discovering what it's like to work at Assurant beyond the onboarding process, click here







Written by

Joshua Svec

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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